3 months and a tight budget to renovate a 4 floor exhibition was always going to be tough. Luckily we had a team that was inspired and motivated to produce the job.

We created an identity for the exhibition that was modern but had it’s roots in Maritime history. We used the font Dala Floda and created a bespoke ‘M’ marque along with coloured lines used in an abstract way, to denote travel, or the rigging of a ship. This would then be applied across all of the materials from graphic panels to external livery.

Unbeknown to us, a prior brand had been created which we were asked to use. Fair enough we thought, as the identity had already been used in certain spaces and it made sense to keep the consistency.

We were sad to drop Dala Floda and our M marque, but never one to turn down a challenge, we moved forward with the other identity, integrating the abstract line concept that we had produced into all materials.

This exhibition wasn’t just about the design. Lisa Mitchell was project managing and curating and along with the physical production of the exhibition, Parc Signs created fun, hands on interactives, ripped out the entire first floor to make room for the fantastic Mayflower ship and changed the top floor from a dark and dingy area into a light and engaging learning space.

We also had film partners Another Robot, produce an animation of the Pilgrims travels, Dom Moore, to photograph the exhibition and capture some textures around the Barbican for the shop windows and Actuate Marketing to help with proofing of the content. We also had friend of the studio Emily Dymond create some illustrations for the interactives. This created a great collaborative effort which from our point of view made the project a more streamlined and interesting affair.

Eventually the exhibition started to come together, stripped back, stream-lined and modernised. Hands on interactives, animation, illustration, more colour, less text and bigger images created an all-round more immersive experience.

The Mayflower Pilgrims Remembered exhibition, our own little journey of discovery.

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